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We are a club/group that's dedicated to Teen Titans original characters (a.k.a. OCs, fan characters, or FCs) for both the WB animated series and the DC comic series! OCs can be heroes, villains, or anything in between, as long as their main point of origin or interaction in the DC Universe is the Teen Titans! "Next generation" OC children, a.k.a TTNG, are also welcome! So, what are you waiting for? Share your Titan OC!
Founded 6 Years ago
Jul 24, 2007


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1,235 Members
1,241 Watchers
77,516 Pageviews
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:bulletwhite::star: Contest Winner! :star::bulletwhite:

Congratulations to Voodookandy, the winner of Contest 5: Titans Together!

:bulletblue::trophy: "TTOC Group Ladies" :trophy::bulletblue:

TTOC_Group Ladies by Voodookandy


:bulletwhite::star: Featured OC :star::bulletwhite:

Meet blank by :dev:
Nominated by :dev:

We had a break over the last week of the Weekly Drawing Challenge to catch up on missed art! Here's what our members created:

Melanie Woods by LueniTitan Yoyo - WDC entry by LegionGUA Falconer by sanakito Trance by sanakito Eve - WDC entry by LegionGUA Dragara - WDC entry by LegionGUA
Yoyo by sanakito Sonic Boom by sanakito Salamander by sanakito Kitzi by sanakito Renegade by sanakito Power Failure by sanakito Imagine by sanakito Illusion by sanakito Hex by sanakito Haze by sanakito Genesis by sanakito Firanna by sanakito Eve by sanakito Ecto Girl by sanakito Dragara by sanakito Dove by sanakito Charade by sanakito Black Ice by sanakito


Random from Favourites

Featured folder: A collection of deviations featuring two or more characters (in a non-romantic depiction) from the Teen Titans animated or comic series.

Teen Titans and all officially related characters and elements //™ DC Comics & Warner Bros. Animation
It's Saturday!
It's Chaturday!
Come one, come all
to Chaturday Four
(pretty pretty please?)
We'll chat, we'll talk, maybe start some RPs
I promise it won't be a bore!

Much love, ~RHS :jsenn:


Hey there, just a quick reminder to the CTTOC crowd that Saturdays are our Chaturdays, and if you guys want to pop on over to the our official chatroom, we'd love to meet you and we'd love to see you there! The RP potential among your characters is mindblowing, guys. And a little OC love shared is a lot of giddiness gained.

I guess the turnout is still in the works. But you guys are welcome to join us at any time!~


Hey there, ClubTeenTitansOC members! Long time no see. And for most of you, it's "long time no chat", too. But that's about to change as we introduce Saturday chatroom meetings, also fondly and oh-so-cleverly dubbed CHATURDAYS!

Previously mentioned in this journal as our weekly CTTOC chat meetings, Chaturdays are set to commence NEXT SATURDAY, MARCH 15th!

So what exactly does one DO at a Chaturday meeting?

Well, once a week we'll be ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENCOURAGING each and every one of our members to stop by in the ClubTTOC chatroom, say hi, maybe even start a few exciting RPs!

(Since we have such high member volume, I'd recommend "tagging" the person you're RPing with.  Just type their full username somewhere in your post, and your message will show up to THEM ONLY as highlighted with a bright white background, and your posts won't get lost in the chat~)

You're also welcome to take the RP somewhere a touch less populated if you'd like. Or just ask one of us mods (lilbluestem, NatOreN, or RavensHiddenSoul), and we'll note you a link to a separate CTTOC chatroom.


That's 11 am US Eastern, 4pm in the UK, and right about midnight in Beijing.
Click here for a handy time-zone conversion site to help you get a better idea of when everyone will be awake.

No, that does not mean you'll be banned if you don't arrive JUST THEN or anything! It just gives us a universal kick-off time. :} "But why so early on a SATURDAY?!" those of us in the US will cry! And the answer is that we have members ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Starting at 8 am US time means starting at about 1 pm to those of us over in Europe, and by time the it's US noon, it's already dinner time over there! And we'd LOVE to start this shindig early enough that they can join in, too. But by no means do you HAAAVE to be online that early! Geesh, we're not THAT cruel to you.

And here's the best part! There will be NO limit to the time you can spend there! Yes, it's PERFECTLY okay (and even expected X3) if we end up chatting all through Saturday night, past midnight and straight on into Sunday! Heck, that just means the level of fun was too great for fourteen hours to contain!

As always, our chatroom is ALWAYS open to members, and you guys are STILL allowed to come and go whenever you'd like! But Chaturdays are meant to bring us all together, give you guys a chance to interact in real-time with each other, and of course to spread the OC love and encourage roleplays for the sake of character developement, written creation, and plain old FUN!

So come one, come all - join us in our first-ever CHATURDAY MEETING next Saturday, and help us celebrate our latest club-wide event!~

With ever-growing OC love and much excitement,
~ RavensHiddenSoul :jsenn:

P.S.: We WILL be updating this journal with reminders as the date approaches so you don't have a chance to forget! This is something we want EVERYONE able to participate in, and we wouldn't want any of you guys missing out~


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:bulletyellow: The Official ClubTeenTitansOC Chatroom :bulletyellow:
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i have more pictures coming. like how i did with lexion but ill only bring the colored ones here. if i may
That's fine. c:
coolspeedbot Jan 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
hi guys just wanted to ask if anyone in the group would like to voice the official teen titans in my animation of my oc icestorm because it's hard to make a story if only icestorm is speaking
coolspeedbot 5 days ago  Student Filmographer
project update
...*creeps up in a dark trenchcoat and creepy voice* Hey, so. I heard you were looking for canon voicing...

And I've got a knack for voicing. I see you have a Raven already... I could work with Starfire, perhaps?~ Random villains and background characters? I do have a rather mezzo-soprano voice, but it's also rather flexible. So what do you have in mind?~
coolspeedbot Mar 31, 2014  Student Filmographer
Oh, I already found someone offering to be starfire, however I'll like to make you a back up just in case.
but all the information about the roles needed to be filled here:

however I am still trying to write the second half of the animation so I do have a extra character in mind who needs a voice (who hasn't been listed yet) she is a character from icestorm's past and the scene she's in depicts her death and how Icestorm help spend her final moments alive (would go into more detail about why this flashback happens in the story but "spoilers") 

If I have Any more characters that you could voice I'll note you because some of them I want to keep a surprise.
DemonHero52 Feb 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just saw this, are you still looking for someone?? I can do multi different voices.....
coolspeedbot Feb 2, 2014  Student Filmographer

Yes I am, thanks for the reply.

can I just ask what characters would you be happy to voice so I know which character I can write dialog for.

do you have the means to record your voice yourself.

at this moment I an unsure if I'm going to be making a series of animations or just the one but I'll just focus on the current one for now

just let me now if you are ok, then I'll get work in motion 

DemonHero52 Feb 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm not sure I can do the "ahh" part for Raven. :'(
(1 Reply)
DemonHero52 Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I finished almost all of the recordings, how would I send them to you? I can do it by email.
(1 Reply)
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